Is it time for a new dental home?

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A relationship with your dentist is based on continued communication and trust. And making a change to that relationship can make you feel uneasy.  But if you continue to see your dentist only because you always have or dread going to the dentist, it may be time for a change.  Below are some signs that it may be time to switch:

  • Does your dental office take a full medical history when getting to know you?  Do they update it or ask about your overall health regularly?  Does your dentist actually read it?  Current medical research understands that your dental health is completely linked with your overall health.  If your dentist doesn’t know about any of your underlying problems, he or she may perform unsuccessful treatments.  So fill out those Health and Wellness forms and make sure you can communicate easily with your dentist.
  • Your dental office believes you need to replace all your silver fillings with white ones. While there are some theories that the mercury content in silver fillings can be harmful to your health, none of them has been proven to be true.  As long as you don’t have cavities below your fillings or the fillings aren’t broken or fractured, there is no need to replace them.
  • Your dentist suggests “watching” a tooth until your next visit. Are you watching it get bigger, painful or more expensive?
  • After a visit, you do not understand any problem, consequence or solution that has been brought to your attention. Technical dental speak should not be a barrier between you and your dental team.  Clear, easy communication is key to your care.
  • You continue to ask about something that bothers you or you don’t like the way it looks, but it never gets addressed.  If it is important to you, it should be important to your dentist!
  • Your bleeding gums are no big deal. Would it be normal to have a bleeding scalp after brushing your hair?  It is not normal to have bleeding gums either.
  • Your dentist cringes when you suggest seeking a second opinion! Enough said.

Exceptional dental care is a choice.  Contact us to receive the care you deserve.