An investment in braces is more than a pretty smile.


bracesMost people think orthodontic treatment is done purely for cosmetic reasons.  But there are several reasons why getting braces can be important to the health and lifestyle of you or your child.

1. You want to prevent tooth decay

Crooked and overlapping teeth can make it harder to brush and floss thoroughly. Some surfaces of the teeth may not receive proper cleaning from daily dental care. This results in a greater risk of cavities.

 2. You want to prevent heart disease

Crooked and overlapping teeth can also effect the health of your gums. Plaque that can’t be completely removed during routine brushing and flossing transforms into hardened tartar deposits. Tartar causes gum tissue to become inflamed and encourages the growth of certain types of harmful bacteria. This bacteria enters the bloodstream, and is known to be a leading cause of cardiovascular disease.

3. You want to prevent other health problems

Orthodontic treatment not only makes your smile beautiful, but it also positions your teeth and jaw correctly.  Incorrect jaw position can result in headaches or earaches, biting or chewing problems, speech difficulties, or even painful disorders of the temporomandibular (jaw) joint.

4. You want improved confidence and self-esteem

An attractive smile makes a person feel better about themselves and more confident in a wide variety of situations. Confident individuals tend to be more successful in educational, athletic, and professional endeavors.

5. You just want straighter teeth

Seeking orthodontic treatment is a very personal decision and the reasons behind, and goals for your treatment are between you and your orthodontist.  Ultimately, getting braces is something you should do for yourself – or your child – and not because what anyone else thinks.