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Probably, if you have a job, a family, or well, a pulse!  If you feel as if you’re running on empty more days than not this holiday season, check out these instant energy boosters according to Real Simple magazine:

  • Get a whiff of citrus.  The smells of oranges, lemons and grapefruits have been shown to be energizing.  So simply add a few slices to your water or introduce citrusy scents into your morning soaps and shampoos.
  • Get the giggles.  A good laugh can reduce stress and boost immunity.
  • Enjoy your daily cup of joe – or a healthy handful of Hershey’s Kisses.  Just don’t overdo it!
  • Exhale.  Again.  Exhale.  Repeat.
  • Be nice to a stranger.  Random acts of kindness increase your energy and somebody else’s!
  • Embrace the 3 minute meditation.  Think of something beautiful and powerful, like a waterfall.  And breath (see above).
  • Stand on your head.  Or lean over and touch your toes.  Any inverted pose gets your blood flowing.
  • Ditch the Blackberry.  An hour before bed, please!
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That’s A Ton of Candy!

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The 2011 Halloween Candy Giveback has drawn to a close with great results.  By creating a partnership with several Grand Haven schools, a “ton” of candy was collected – literally!  A total of 2,029 lbs. of candy will be shipped to U.S. troops overseas through Operation Gratitude.  Shipping to Operation Gratitude in California has been graciously donated by AeroVision International in Muskegon.

Thank you to the students of White Pines Middle, Lakeshore Middle, Peach Plains Elementary, Rosy Mound Elementary and Griffin Elementary for donating your candy.  And thank you to other children in the Grand Haven area who donated the candy directly at our Smile office.  What a great job making healthy choices and giving back at the same time!

Until next year…..


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6 Signs You Need a New Dentist

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When do you know it is time for a second opinion when you visit the dentist?

1. Your dental office doesn’t take a full medical history when getting to know you. Better yet, does your dentist read it? On the flip side, if your dentist doesn’t know about any of your underlying problems, he or she will just be spinning his wheels and performing unsuccessful treatments. So fill out those Health and Wellness forms and make sure you can communicate easily with your dentist.

2. Your dental office believes you need to replace all your silver fillings with white ones. While there are some theories that the mercury content in silver fillings can be harmful to your health, none of them has been proven to be true. As long as you don’t have cavities below your fillings or the fillings aren’t broken or fractured, there is no need to replace them.
3. Your dentist suggests “watching” a tooth until your next visit. Are you watching it get bigger, painful or more expensive?

4. After a visit, you do not understand any problem, consequence or solution that has been brought to your attention. Technical dental speak should not be a barrier between you and your dental team. Clear, easy communication is key to your care.

5. Your bleeding gums are not addressed. Would it be normal to have a bleeding scalp after brushing your hair? It is not normal to have bleeding gums either.

6. Your dentist cringes when you suggest seeking a second opinion! Enough said.

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Empower Your Child to a Lifetime of Positive Dentistry

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Is your child ready for their first dental visit? Are you looking for ways to ease your child’s fear of the dentist? Below are some tips to ensure success:

  • Bring your child to the office as a “non-patient”, maybe on one of your hygiene visits. He or she can take a ride in the chair, and watch you interact positively with the team.
  • Arrange for a morning appointment. Most children are more positive, alert and receptive during the morning.
  • Take a tour of the office with your child before he or she enters the treatment room.
  • After an initial visit, allow your child to enter the treatment room alone. This allows the doctor and team to communicate with your child directly and build trust.
  • The words we use make all the difference. Try not to talk about specific procedures or instruments. These ideas tend to confuse children.
  • Below is a list of word substitutions you can use when talking to your child about their visit:

    Instead of:








    Silly String

    Mr. Slurpy


    Sleepy Juice

    Mr. Whistler


    Let your dentist know if there are special requests that would help your child have a great visit!