Meet The Team


Chad Zillich DDS
Coffee drinker, beach bum, afraid of spiders, father of two, dark chocolate lover, world traveler, sings with his patients

Dr. Zillich received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University. He earned his DDS from University of Michigan. After practicing family dentistry for three years, he completed his pediatric specialty from University of California, San Francisco.

Katie Swanson DDS
Owner of Maximus, woody invasive hunter, bubbly, weekly massages, yoga obsessed, avid explorer to West Michigan restaurants

Dr. Swanson received her undergraduate degree and DDS from the University of Michigan. She completed her pediatric residency at the University of Pennsylvania/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dental Assistants

Organic, mother of three, level headed, holistic, giver, music lover

Cyclist, runner, blushes easily, lead foot, likes to tease, driven

Mother of two boys – three cats – one dog, kayaker, gardener, furniture refinisher, avid reader, praise singer

Dancer, studying dental hygiene, only child, Katniss Everdeen-like hunter, won’t go in the water unless she can see the bottom, fashionista

Dental Hygienists

Stephanie W
Mother of two, camper, pizza lover, football fan, health conscious, compassionate, bookworm

Lisa V
Escapes to Silver Lake, snacker, dog named Oliver, movie watcher, follower of Jesus, loves Audrey Hepburn, party hostess

Prefers to be outside, runner, full of surprises, dancing queen, grandfather is her best friend, essential oil believer

Married to best friend, loves Jesus, coffee drinker, beach goer, Disney World enthusiast, lead foot

Treatment Coordinators

Restaurant experimenter, former teacher, faithful Christian, bargain shopper, Starbucks lover, color coded organizer

Contagious energy, gift shopper for her pets, always smiling, brewery hopper, coffee lover, fondly called SuSu

Great Dane owner, former elephant ear baker, stylish, runner, step-mom of two, body art lover, Target addict

Mom to one daughter, lover of coffee shops, poetry blogger, budget pro, Beatles fanatic, Batman’s #1 fan.