Smile Orthodontics partners with Orthofi

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Smile Orthodontics has partnered with Orthofi to make a high-quality smile affordable.


OrthoFi is a revolutionary way to provide our patients with the most comprehensive and flexible payment options. Rather than being directed into a specific payment plan, OrthoFi allows you to customize your down payment, monthly payments and length of term.

You are given the above slider to consider all your options.  You are in total control. And you can even choose your options at home.  OrthoFi makes it possible for just about anyone to afford braces and achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

With the recent advances in Orthodontics, all treatments are not alike. Results can last a lifetime, so choose your doctor based on who you feel offers the best skill, expertise and technology. The best can be more affordable than you think. With OrthoFi, the power is in your hands – you design your payment plan to fit your budget. It’s easy.