About Us

What started as a passion for a fresh and proactive approach to dental care has evolved to become Michigan’s first and only multi-specialty practice.

In 2008, Smile Grand Haven was opened. It’s unique energy and community involvement infused the West Michigan area with a new expected standard of quality dental care.

Shortly thereafter, patients requested this same experience specifically for their children and the concept for Little Smiles was born. Little Smiles opened in 2011, providing a dedicated, child-friendly space where children could begin a healthy relationship with good oral care from their first visit forward.

Smile Orthodontics began in 2014, again after patients requested more options to keep all areas of their dental care under one roof, with healthcare providers who know them and they can trust.

As three separate areas of dental care under one roof developed and grew, space to provide privacy and specialized personal care for patients became a challenge. Expansion of what we now fondly call Smile Dental Partners was completed in 2016, adding over 4,000 square feet to the patient experience.

Smile Dental Partners began with 1 dentist and 3 team members. It is now comprised of 6 general dentists, 4 pediatric dentists, 1 orthodontist, and over 100 team members serving patients at multiple locations throughout West Michigan—Smile Cascade, Smile Grand Haven, Smile North Muskegon, and Smile South Holland.

The Smile family of practices continues to operate with the quality care and passion that every patient has grown to expect. We are truly grateful for the loyalty and support of our West Michigan community.