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About Us

Our passion is to reimagine dentistry
and how people experience it.

In 2008, Smile Grand Haven opened. Its unique energy and community involvement infused the West Michigan area with a new expected standard of quality dental care.

Shortly thereafter, patients requested this same experience specifically for their children, and the concept for Little Smiles was born. Little Smiles opened in 2011, providing a dedicated, child-friendly space where children could begin a healthy relationship with good oral care from their very first visit.

Smile Orthodontics began in 2014, again after patients requested more options to keep all areas of their dental care under one roof, with healthcare providers who know them and they can trust. As Smile combined these three areas of dental care under one roof, a new model for multi-specialty dentistry was born.

Today, Smile Dental Partners is the first and leading dental group in the U.S. to introduce easy, integrated dental care at multi-specialty campuses throughout West Michigan. The Smile team of General Dentists, Pediatric Dentists, and Orthodontists—together with Hygienists, Dental Assistants, and administrative support team—are redefining the way dental care is delivered.

Our Core Values

Be Connected

We don’t simply focus on the tooth, we get to know the person behind every smile that walks through our door. Our goal is to be present and intentional, giving every patient the attention they deserve.

Provide Certainty & Trust

We treat our patients with integrity by making sure our words and actions are in alignment. That means listening and providing clear communication to promote understanding and trust.

Keep it Simple

We avoid over complicating procedures and systems that don’t need to be complicated. Keeping it simple allows us to provide clear and straightforward communication concerning dental health.

Have Fun

We look for opportunities every single day to make others smile or laugh. It’s one of the many ways that we find joy in our work. There is something contageous and powerful about a smile.