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Adult Orthodontics

Think you are too old for braces?

At Smile Orthodontics, nearly 50 percent of our patients are adults. In fact, with new treatments that minimize discomfort and shorten treatment time, it’s easier than ever for adults to perfect their smiles.

Adult braces will dramatically increase your self-esteem and decrease premature wear on your teeth. They also help stop gum disease because straight teeth are easier to clean. Plus, braces reduce TMJ-related headaches. Bottom line: you’re never too old for braces because you’re never too old for good health.

Adult braces not only optimize your smile and overall health, they specifically elevate your facial aesthetics. Adult braces can turn back the clock and takes years off your face, with:

  • Better facial balance and aesthetics
  • Smooth cheek contours
  • A broad, full smile
  • Elimination of dark triangles within smile contours
  • All teeth straightened for a brilliant smile

Whether you choose clear aligners or traditional braces, Smile Orthodontics makes sure each tooth is perfectly located to be in harmony with the lips, cheeks, tongue and other teeth.  This creates a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile.

Today is the day that you take the first step in getting that confident smile you always dreamed of!  Request a FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION today.