Adult Sedation Dentistry

Smile Introduces Adult Sedation Dentistry!
It could be the best dental experience you’ll never remember.

Sedation dentistry—sometimes called sleep dentistry—is the process in which a dentist uses medication to relax the patient before receiving dental treatment. This type of medicated sedation is also referred to as IV sedation. Patients are awake during sedation, but generally do not remember the treatment. Sedation dentistry is considered safe and ideal for patients with a high level of anxiety or fear of dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is also suitable for patients with a low threshold for pain.

Sedation dentistry can be used for any treatment, from complex dental procedures to simple tooth cleaning.

If you are interested in exploring sedation dentistry, our dentists will meet with you to evaluate your dental needs and determine the best way to use sedation for a relaxed, stress-free appointment.