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Clear Aligners

Clear aligners work by using a series of clear, removable aligners to move your teeth into the ideal position. They are formfitting to teeth and easy to remove. Patients who use clear aligners have less appointments and can eat whatever they wish, all with a treatment that is virtually invisible.

Your custom-made, clear aligners are worn a minimum of 22 hours a day, only to be removed during meals and some activities. Old aligners are replaced biweekly until your teeth have been seamlessly straightened.

The major benefits of clear aligners are esthetics and oral hygiene. Since the aligners are clear, they are virtually undetectable when worn. Also, since the aligners are removable, better oral hygiene can be achieved by brushing and flossing than compared with using brackets.

Clear aligners are also convenient to make. Gone are the days of gagging on gooey mouth molds to get impressions. With the iTero Digital Scanner, we create a precise 3D model of your mouth. We simply (and painlessly) scan your face with the wave of a wand – a scanning wand. (This isn’t magic, even though it may sound like it.) Once the scans are complete, we use the 3D images to show you a video of the future movement of your teeth during treatment.