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First Visit

First Visit The first impression your child will have of the dentist is an important one.  You can help make your child’s visit positive by following a few easy steps for their first visit.

  1. If you have an appointment prior to your child, take her along with you.  She will see that you have a friendly and trusting relationship with the hygienist and dentist.  Request that your child take a quick chair ride during your visit.
  2. Request a tour of our office before your first visit.
  3. Arrange for a morning appointment whenever possible, as most children are more positive, alert and receptive at this time. If that is not possible, attempt to make the appointment when your child is not tired or hungry.
  4. During an appointment, become the “silent partner” of our team.  It can be difficult for a child to pay attention to more than one person at a time; but knowing you are there with an encouraging smile builds trust.
  5. The words we use make all the difference.  It’s best not to talk about specific procedures or instruments.  These ideas can confuse or upset your child.  If your child has questions about what the dentist/hygienist is going to do, below is a list of helpful word substitutions you can use when talking to her:
  • Silly String (floss)
  • Mr. Slurpy (suction)
  • Vitamins (fluoride)
  • Sleepy Juice (shot)
  • Mr. Whistler (drill)
  • Wiggle (pull tooth)

These suggestions should help your child have a successful first visit and ease any stress she or you may have.  If you have any special concerns, please let our team know before your appointment. It is our goal to create a relationship with your child that encourages a lifetime of good oral care.