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We accept most insurance plans.

Insurance can be complicated, but our Insurance Specialists are here to help. If you are unclear about your plan’s coverage, it is always best to contact your insurance company directly to ask about your specific plan. However, if you have additional questions, give us a call prior to any appointment. We’ll provide an insurance checkup so you’ll know what to expect. Let us help you maximize your plan!

Let us help you avoid surprises.

Whenever dental treatment is recommended, our Treatment Coordinators will meet with you to provide a treatment plan estimate. Their understanding of your insurance company’s policies and procedures will allow them to give you an estimate for the treatment and amount of coverage provided by your insurance.

We will collect your patient portion, or co-pay, at the time of service and file your insurance claim to be paid directly to our office. Occasionally, claims are denied by your insurance company or more information is needed.

If there is a difference in the estimated insurance coverage and the actual amount paid, or the claim is denied, the patient is responsible for covering the outstanding balance. Please understand that our treatment plans are only an estimate and insurance companies are not always predictable.

If you need clarification on In-Network plans, have specific questions about your coverage, or have a change in your insurance coverage, please contact us prior to your appointment.

For additional help understanding your insurance, read “What you need to know about Dental Insurance.”

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