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Early Treatment

By age seven, most kids have their adult molars and an established bite, which makes it the best age for an evaluation. Bringing your young ones to early exams helps us to monitor irregularities at their onset, guide jaw growth to prevent crowding as adult teeth emerge and reduces the chances of future tooth removal.

Smile Orthodontics believes only 10-15% of children between ages 7 to 10 benefit from early treatment. But if they do, minimally invasive, targeted solutions are offered for the following problems:

  • Extreme social concerns
  • Unproportional growth or lack of space for future growth
  • Cross-bites
  • Trauma risk

Helping children to be aware of their dental health ensures a lifetime of good habits. Bringing your young ones to early examinations helps reinforce the value of taking care of their teeth from the earliest age. Even if you have to bug them to brush, it’s good to have evidence to back you up.