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Dental Extractions

What are dental extractions?
We make every attempt to save baby teeth since they are very important in the normal eruption of the permanent teeth. However, there are times where extracting a baby tooth is the best (or only) option.

Why we do it.
There are a few reasons for dental extractions: infected teeth; heavily decayed teeth that cannot be restored; or due to crowded permanent teeth erupting in the wrong position.

What to expect.
During your child’s appointment he or she will be given laughing gas for relaxation.  If needed, we will also put the tooth “to sleep” so your child’s visit is a painless experience. Children’s treatment appointments typically last for 45 minutes or less.

As pediatric dentists, one of our major concerns and goals is to help guide the permanent teeth into position. When some baby teeth have to be removed prematurely, space loss can occur which can cause major problems in the future. We often place fixed space maintainers to prevent this.