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Hospital Dentistry

What is hospital dentistry?
In certain situations dentistry provided in a hospital offers the best and safest method to deliver dental care to children and special needs patients. Our Pediatric Dentists provide sedation dentistry at North Ottawa Community Hospital and Daydreams Pediatric Center.  With the aid of general anesthesia we are able to provide all necessary dental treatment while your child is asleep and monitored by an Anesthesiologist.

Why we do it.
Situations in which sedation dentistry is necessary may include:

  • Extensive treatment needs
  • Uncooperative age appropriate behavior
  • Immature cognitive functioning
  • Disabilities
  • Specific medical conditions

It is our goal to create a positive patient experience and attitude toward future dental care.

What to expect.
After you and our team have chosen hospital dental care for your child, you will be contacted by our Surgical Coordinator.  She will schedule your child with the hospital, coordinate any medical and dental insurance authorizations needed for hospital care, and provide a full (parent) consultation to understand the process of hospital care.