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Could stem cell research help your cavities?

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Dentists have devised a treatment to regenerate rotten teeth that could substantially reduce the need for fillings in the future.

The therapy works by enhancing the natural ability of teeth to repair themselves through the activation of stem cells in the soft pulp at the centre.

Normally, this mechanism is limited to repairing small cracks and holes in dentine, the solid bulk of the tooth beneath the surface enamel. Now scientists have shown that the natural process can be enhanced using an Alzheimer’s drug, allowing the tooth’s own cells to rebuild cavities extending from the surface to the root.

Prof Paul Sharpe, who led the work at King’s College London, said: “Almost everyone on the planet has tooth decay at some time – it’s a massive volume of people being treated. We’ve deliberately tried to make something really simple, really quick and really cheap.”

Read the full article from The Guardian here.

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Sealants – A Good Choice for your Child.

By | For Kids, Health & Wellness

Our pediatric dentists recommend sealants frequently.  And there’s good reason for it.  Studies show they could prevent 80% of future cavities in children.

What is a sealant?  A sealant is a liquid that is brushed over a tooth that hardens and creates a protective barrier between bacteria and the tooth’s enamel.

Why does a tooth need a sealant?  Sealants are applied specifically to molars. Molars have a relatively flat top surface that contain peaks and valleys.  Molars erupt in a child’s mouth when their skills and desire to keep these lifelong teeth are low. While sealants fill fade away over a few years, they offer protection from decay (and therefore cavities) until a child is old enough to properly care for their teeth.

Recently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) supported the use of sealants in children age 6 – 11.  Their research reinforced the 80% cavity prevention rate with sealant usage, as well as stated that 60% of children do not get them.  Read the full Fox Business news story here.

If you have questions regarding sealants for your child, please contact us!


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Can Age Affect Your Smile? (Part 4)

By | Health & Wellness

We continue to look at common problems adults (particularly women) face as they age and how to help turn back the clock in this 6 part series.

Problem 4:  Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is when the enamel is eaten away by acids in the mouth.  Without protective enamel, your teeth become sensitive, develop cavities and crack more easily.

The Solution:

The cause of high acid levels in the mouth is almost always diet soda.  Can’t kick the habit?  Limit yourself to six 12-ounce cans per week, follow with a large glass of water and wait for more than an hour before brushing.  Also, drink your soda in one sitting rather than sipping it over time.  Another trick:  drink with a straw to avoid bathing your teeth in acid.


Excerpts from:  More, September 2013