Diabetes & Gum Disease – A Two Way Street

Diabetes, which kills more people annually than breast cancer and AIDS, can weaken your mouth’s ability to fight germs, increase blood sugar levels, and can make gum disease more severe and harder to control. When diabetes is poorly controlled, high glucose levels in mouth fluids may help germs grow and set the stage for gum disease. These “bugs” sit below the gum line and act as termites, eating away at your bo… Continue Reading

Can Age Affect Your Smile? (Part 1)

By the time many women reach their mid 40s, hormonal changes and decades of wear and tear have left them with smiles that are a bit dingier then they were hoping.  Yellowing teeth, sore gums and a crowded mouth can make you look older than your years.  However, most of these age-related changes can be prevented or easily treated, thanks to a huge improvement in dental technology over the past 15 years. We look at common… Continue Reading

Open Up And Say “Healthy”

At the end of a long day, it’s tempting to cut corners on the whole floss-brush-rinse routine.  But a study from the University of Minnesota reveals that skimping on your dental care can harm your joints along with your teeth. Researchers found that people with gum disease are nearly three times as likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis – a condition that can cause stiffness, pain and fatigue – t… Continue Reading

The Mouth – Unhealthy and Healthy

While having your mouth “feel good” is nice, it does not necessarily mean your mouth is healthy.  A healthy mouth, and healthy teeth and gums, has more to do with how they function than how they feel.  In fact, symptoms that a person experiences in his mouth usually show up late in the disease process. For example, bleeding gums is a symptom of gum disease.  However, gum disease can be detected and controlled lon… Continue Reading

Got Bloody Gums?

If your gums bleed when you brush normal?  What if it only happens sometimes? Bleeding gums “sometimes” is tricky.  If “sometimes” means you poked your gums with your toothbrush or on a potato chip earlier in the day, then yes, “sometimes” is normal.  But if “sometimes” means a couple times of week or more, then absolutely no! OK, this isn’t as fun to talk about as sparkly white teeth, but it’s… Continue Reading

Five Minutes a Day Can Add Years to Your Life.

A habit that takes five minutes a day can add years to your life. It also helps prevent everything from heart attacks and strokes to diabetes, colds, flu, and arthritis. What’s more, it even improves your looks and fights bad breath. A new study published in Journal of Aging Research adds to mounting evidence that one of the simplest—and cheapest—secrets of long life is taking care of your teeth, with daily brus… Continue Reading