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Cosmetic Crowns & Fillings

What it is.

A dental filling repairs minor to moderate tooth damage. We may recommend a filling if your tooth has been damaged by tooth decay (for example, if your tooth has a cavity), or if your tooth suffers from minor fracturing or chipping. For a tooth that is seriously damaged or decayed, our dentists may recommend a restoration called a crown. The crown is custom made to fit over the entire tooth, starting at the gum line.  Both crowns and fillings restore the tooth to its original structure and function and to return your smile to good health. For many years, the only materials that could stand the test of time were made of metal. This included silver fillings, metal crowns, or crowns that had gray lines around the edges. With advances in technology, we now have restorations that not only restore function but also natural form and aesthetics.

Why we do it.

A damaged or decayed tooth does not heal itself, and rarely stops growing.  By completing restorative treatment, you avoid a future root canal or extraction.  Porcelain and composite restorative materials (tooth colored) have evolved so that their strength and longevity rivals that of traditional metal options. With these materials, we can now make your teeth look as nature intended. No matter how severely a tooth is compromised, we can restore it with aesthetic excellence and long-term success.

What to expect.

Your visit for a filling or crown will be pain free and you can return to your regular daily routine upon completion.  A Smile team member can provide you with a specific length of your visit upon scheduling.