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Digital X-Rays

What are digital x-rays?
X-rays are pictures of your teeth and gums, and help our providers see problems unseen with the naked eye.  Digital X-rays (or imaging) have the same purpose but use the latest technology with more clarity and less radiation.

Why we do it.
By seeing earlier decay or other problems with x-rays, we are able to provide treatment with more comfort and less cost.  We use digital technology for 2 reasons. (1) It is safer for you, and (2) It helps us communicate with you. Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation exposure. In fact, radiation with a digital x-ray is less than most people receive by using their computers, cell phones and televisions in one day.

What to expect.
With digital cameras and x-rays, pictures can be taken and viewed in seconds on a computer screen. You can now understand what is going on in your mouth and can make better decisions on how to maintain your oral health.