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Preventative Oral Care

What it is.

Preventative oral care appointments occur every six months and include a cleaning, exam and any needed x-rays or gum disease screenings.  If you have spent time in an office where you barely saw the doctor or where the hygienist cleaned your teeth in 20 minutes, we encourage you to see what you have been missing.

Why we do it.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to ensure your complete oral health.  Your routine cleanings are anything but routine. After getting to know you personally, the Smile team will assess your complete oral health status including a gum disease evaluation. We take great effort to spend all the time necessary to make your visit both enjoyable and beneficial.

What to expect.

During your first preventative care appointment, you can expect your visit to last 90 minutes.  Regular preventative care visits will last a maximum of 60 minutes.  If further treatment is needed, our team will educate you on all of these options and ultimately help you make decisions for care that works BEST for YOU.