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Do you believe pregnancy causes tooth decay?  This longstanding myth has been circulated for years.  It’s understandable.  Pregnant women experience hormonal changes which may cause some puffiness and bleeding of the gums.

In addition, it’s very easy for the pregnant woman and new mom to put off proper dental care and hygiene.  After all, is there anyone busier than a new mother?  But the delay in dental care may pose problems for the teeth, including decay.  And decay can be passed from mother to child through a kiss or the sharing of food or spoons.

Many pregnant mothers delay care because they are concerned about radiation from x-rays.  If your previously history indicates little decay, there is every reason to delay x-rays until after giving birth.  However, if you are experiencing a problem or are prone to decay, your dentist will discuss the pros and cons of x-rays with you.  Today, digital x-rays have greatly reduced radiation exposure, and further precautions can also be taken when x-rays are warranted.

The experts agree that proper rest, good nutrition, and excellent prenatal care help the new baby and mother.  Good dental care is a crucial part of the care you need as a mother-to-be.