6 Degrees of Treatment

When Kevin Bacon visits Smile Grand Haven, there are 6 degrees of treatment that can occur if he is diagnosed with decay: Filling Crown Root Canal Extraction Implant Denture The earlier the decay is found, the more simple and cost effective the treatment can be.  In the coming weeks, we will share with you what to expect with each treatment option.  But in the meantime, below are the basics: The filling is the most bas… Continue Reading

Preparing For A Dental Emergency

Most people have bandages and compresses on hand as quick medical first aid kits.  However, those same people are unlikely to be prepared for a tooth crisis.  Our most frequent emergency calls are about these five occurrences: Your tooth (or your child’s) was knocked out.  Rinse the tooth in warm water and then either store the tooth in your saliva or milk.  Both saliva and milk help keep the roots from becoming… Continue Reading