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Before you dismiss your dentist’s recommendation to see an orthodontist, take a moment to consider the benefits. Today’s orthodontic services are widely used for children, teens, and adults alike, and can have important health benefits beyond a confident smile.

Here are just a few reasons why orthodontics are important.

It’s for everyone.

Braces used to be a right of passage for the American teenager. But today, there’s no age limit when it comes to orthodontics. Contrary to what many adults think, it’s not just for kids. And with the introduction of invisible aligners, more and more adults are choosing to invest in a more confident, healthy smile. Orthodontic treatment is important for kids as they grow, but it has oral health benefits that are equally important for many adults too. The bottom line: it’s never too late.

It impacts oral health.

Misaligned teeth can have a long-term impact on oral health. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean and can lead to tooth decay and even jaw problems. Since you’ll need your adult teeth for the rest of your life, it’s important to take good care of them. That includes correcting issues that can improve your smile for years to come. An orthodontist can help you maintain strong and healthy teeth.

It builds confidence.

Many people are self-conscious about crooked teeth and bite alignment. Over time those feelings can erode their confidence and cause them to withdraw from some of life’s opportunities. Orthodontics is able to solve dental issues and provide a bright and healthy smile that can boost confidence and improve your self esteem.

Imagine the smile you’ve always wanted. Orthodontics can improve oral health and give you the confidence of a beautiful smile. 

And those benefits will last a lifetime.