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Surface and air pathogen control technologies installed at all Smile locations


GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (June 01, 2020) — Smile Dental Partners, West Michigan’s only multi-specialty dental practice, reopened today after partnering with UV Angel to become the first U.S. dental office to introduce UV-C pathogen control technology. Smile Dental Partners equipped all four West Michigan locations with UV Angel’s patented technology as part of its new safety initiative called Smile Safety Assurance™.

With dentist offices considered high-risk environments during the current global pandemic, UV Angel’s technology will help make Smile practices cleaner by using UV-C light treatment technology to automatically and continually treat the air and surfaces for harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

“We want our patients to feel safe when they walk through our doors,” said Darren Riopelle DDS, founder and owner of Smile Dental Partners. “We know there’s a lot of anxiety around COVID-19, and it’s important — especially in a healthcare setting — to provide as many layers of protection as we can for our patients and staff. UV Angel’s technology is an excellent complement to our current cleaning and safety practices to help keep those who visit our practices safe.”

All Smile locations will be equipped with two different types of technology: UV Angel Air and UV Angel Adapt.

With a modern integrated design, UV Angel Air combines standard in-ceiling lighting with a proprietary UV-C air treatment system. Air containing dental aerosols (airborne particles) are pulled into the sealed UV-C chamber where it is treated with high-intensity UV-C light. The clean, treated air is then returned to the room, where employees and patients can breathe easier. By lowering the levels of harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces, the risk of exposure is reduced.

UV Angel Adapt uses an intelligent, automated UV-C light treatment platform to continuously monitor and safely treat high-touch surfaces hundreds of times per day. At all Smile practices, UV Angel Adapt has been attached to keyboards and other frequently touched surfaces.

UV Angel products come with a robust data platform that provides users the ability to track key performance indicators, access invaluable data and make well-informed decisions about pathogen and infection control. 

“We believe rapid development of ultraviolet light technology in clinical environments like Smile Dental Partners is critical to help protect both patients and staff,” said Tom Byrne, CEO of UV Angel. “We know the technology is effective at neutralizing harmful pathogens in the environment. As a West Michigan-based company, we are proud to help with this fight right in our own backyard.”

Smile Dental Partners’ partnership with UV Angel is part of the organization’s new Smile Safety Assurance™ program which includes a thermal imaging A.I. temperature screening system and cloud-based monitoring and reporting of all-practice pathogen control.

The safety program is in effect at all Smile locations which include Smile Grand Haven, Smile Cascade, Smile North Muskegon, and Smile South Holland. Each Smile location is a multi-specialty practice combining Smile (adult & teen dentistry), Little Smiles (pediatric dentistry), and Smile Orthodontics. For more information about Smile Dental Partners and its new safety initiatives, please visit

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More About UV Angel

UV Angel is a pathogen control technology company that uses years of advanced research and development in ultraviolet light to help make the environments around us cleaner and safer by reducing harmful pathogens.  Fully automated, patented and proven safe, the company’s UV-C technology monitors and cleans the surfaces we touch and the air we breathe. UV Angel’s technology is complemented by a proprietary data analytics platform that delivers critical insights and strategic advantages to leaders in healthcare, food service, corporate, education and many more industries. Learn more at